Here's To Life

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Project ANEW

  • As part of Here's to Life's substance abuse counseling services, Project Anew offers a specialized program for Men who have sex with men (MSM) who are HIV positive or who are at high risk for contracting HIV.

  •  Anew is guided by a six-stage transformation model designed to assist participants in identifying the developmental process of coming out in the gay world and how substance use interferes with that transformation. 

  • Anew will particularly help participants look at how substance use and recovery interrelate with being gay and with the ways some people experience their sexual identities.  Led by a culturally competent, sensitive team of professionals, this HTL program brings focus to issues rarely addressed in mainstream substance abuse treatment programs.

  • We provide quality education, support, and substance abuse counseling services and HIV education and risk reduction that will empower and motivate participants to lead healthy productive lifestyles with dignity and self-respect. 

  •  HTL is committed to offering this project in environments that allow them to promote a sensitive program of care for men who have sex with men. Anew will support them to reach back and address issues such as self-hatred that led to uncontrollable drug and alcohol use.